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AdsTrafficShare is an innovative and forward-looking advertising platform. Take advantage of our advertising opportunities for your products and earn around the clock.
Of course. All countries are welcome to join AdsTrafficShare.
NO. Members can not set up multiple accounts or refer themselves.
Only one account allowed per IP address.
There is no fee to withdraw funds.
We Accept the processor "BitCoin". Thanks to the BitCoin, we can offer you a platform that does not hide any memberships or additional expenses.
We have 3 different AdPack Plans. You can choose to purchase from any of the 3 plans and get revenue earnings and advertisement products.

The daily revenue earnings can vary up to 1.5%.
There is a maximum limit for every AdPack Plan:

AdPack 1 ($10): 250
AdPack 2 ($20): 500
AdPack 3 ($50): 1000
We have no repurchase rules in our platform.
There is no membership fee.
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